What to Pay for Your Guest House Website?

As per the other pages in this section, it is our belief that your website is essential to the marketing of your guest house. As such, budgets should be set accordingly and the old adage you pay for what you get considered.

Very often website special offers tempt us with R1999 for a 6 page website. Cheap yes, value for money, possibly not. Remember if you cannot find your website, to a large extent it is not worth having.

Cheap websites tend to be built on existing templates, a few small changes made and the all important items such as searchability, submission to search engines, navigational aids etc ignored.

Unfortunately, unlike many items we buy, it is not immediately obvious to the website novice whether they are buying a bargain or wasting their money.

The normal common sense rule applies: if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Some hints and tips

  • Ask the designer their hourly rate.
  • Ask them for search terms for sites they have built.
  • Shop around.
  • Remember quality websites (even very small ones) cost R6, 000 upwards, large ones much more.
  • Check out their own website, see if you can find them by typing in web design cape town (or wherever they are situated).
  • Ask them what they do to optimize the website.

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