writing Content for a Website

Writing content for the internet is a skill, even the best journalist or novelist may have no concept of how to write for a web site in a search engine friendly way. All too often good websites are ruined by the content not being searchable or structured correctly.


Content writers are not cheap – expect to pay a good web site content writer approx 1 -2 rand per word (R500 – R1000 for a 500 word page). They are however a great investment if you can afford it. Remember a content writer is not the same as an offline media writer or copywriter, they have specific skills and techniques. The ability to write beautifully or grammatically correct whilst important is not the main consideration but rather their ability to search engine optimize (SEO) the site.


The next best option is to employ the services of a content editor. A content editor will take the text that you write and apply their search engine optimisation techniques to it. This method will be cheaper and the results, whilst not quite as good, should still be very effective.

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