Unforeseen Events Appliance and Plumbing

Your guests are arriving for breakfast in a couple of hours time, you’ve got a full house from a company booking, and disaster befalls – the oven packs up!!

The guests are all enjoying a relaxing time in the garden, sunbathing and taking advantage of the pool, until a nasty smell starts to circulate – the drains are all blocked!!

There is a function tomorrow and the fridge and freezer are full of some delicious foods to prepare, with quite a lot of money invested – the fridge freezer decides this is the right time to go on strike and you have a double problem – all the money you have spent and the loss of the food for the function!!

There is a myriad of things that can go wrong and sometimes do – unforeseen events. Normal households can cope with these things, but when you have guests running around, money invested and a business to run – you need to rectify them straight away and cover any financial repercussions.

Guest house insurance recognises these perils and includes an unforeseen events clause. The right guest house insurance will assist by sending out a repair person ASAP, covering the costs and allowing you get on with running your GUEST HOUSE with minimal disruption and financial loss.

Are you sure your guest house has the right insurance?

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