In a way guest houses are soft targets for criminals.

The nature of the business can mean complete strangers are let into a guest house / bnb – this is a considerable exposure and it should be noted that having the incorrect cover will probably result in any claim made not being met.

Typically household policies have stipulations such as alarm warranties and forcible entry clauses. Both of which are impractical for a Guest House / BnB should not be applicable under the contents section.

This clause is not practical for Guest Houses – guests mostly have their own keys and come and go as they please. Guests are also not as security conscious as us South Africans, and often leave doors or windows open as they go out for the day. Forcible or violent entry could therefore not be a requirement for theft cover, it would simply not be practical.

If you are unsure whether your Guest House Insurance covers you fully Incompass would be delighted to discuss your insurance needs and provide you with a free quotation based upon your specific circumstances.

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