The role of Search Engines when listing your Guesthouse

Search engines are the pages on the internet that list websites. The better known ones include Google, yahoo, msn, bing and ask.

It is the method most people use to access information on the web. Simply typing into a search engine’s search box can deliver millions of different websites that match your search term Рin just seconds.

Whilst it is important to rank in all major search engines, Google is the stand out one, with approx 80% of all searches conducted through Google (depending upon then country).

Why bother about Search Engines?

Imagine a guest house directory that was available to hundreds of millions of people which listed 20,000 South African guest houses.

To qualify for this directory you had to follow certain rules, and how well you followed these rules had a direct impact on how close to the top of the directory your guest house featured.

In South Africa a good many guest houses would not be eligible simply because their listing did not conform to the required rules at all. Sadly the majority of the guest house websites, whilst being listed, would be so far down the list that no-one ever read that far.

The result is that most of the clients you are trying to attract will simply never find you.

Holidays, flights, hotels, guest houses are some of the main products and services that people prefer to book over the internet. What better way than to sit in the UK, in the comfort of your own home and browse rates, photos, information etc to make your choice of a guest house for your forthcoming holiday in South Africa.

So if your guesthouse website is not search engine friendly, you are missing out on the biggest source of booking.

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