NAA-SA – The National Accommodation Association South Africa

The National Accommodation Association is a growing network of quality smaller accommodation providers around South Africa. With over 1000 quality inspected members nationwide, you can feel confident that your stay at an NAA member’s establishment will be to the standards you require.

What are the Vision and Objectives of the NAA-SA?

To have an organisation which has credibility with key provincial and national role players and which assists, supports and represents its members whilst striving to enhance the position of the smaller accommodation establishments in the hospitality industry.


  • To be a preferred provider of accommodation.
  • To be the unified recognised voice in our industry.
  • To promote and encourage the growth of the national body of smaller accommodation establishments.
  • To market our accommodation and services by effective networking, making referrals to our members and supporting the public and private sector efforts to promote the smaller accommodation establishment industry.
  • To negotiate on behalf of our members.
  • To bargain on behalf of our members.
  • To communicate on behalf of our members.

Why Join a Local B&B Association?

Joining (or creating, where one does not exist) a local B&B association strengthens your and your fellow members’ position for negotiation with suppliers and your municipality and tourism bodies.

Many associations of this kind have joined together to form provincial associations, similar to ‘Master Builders Associations’. The way in which they give assurance to customers that their members are reputable and reliable is exactly mirrored by the B&B provincial body.

The provincial B&B associations form the NAA-SA – the national body. This ensures that NAA members have both a ‘united voice’ and an ‘individual voice’ at every level.

For more information, contact the NAA-SA central offices: 035 753 4147 or 031 561 3795, or e-mail: . Also refer to the NAA website – click here.