Forcible and violent entry

Forcible and violent entry is of particular relevance to guest house owners. It is standard for most policies to have a forcible and violent entry clause within their policy terms and conditions.

Typically in order for a claim to be paid a clause will state something like:

“entry to a property that clearly shows damage to the lock, building, room or vehicle, caused as a direct result of theft.’’

If this cannot be demonstrated then no claim is payable.

For a GUEST HOUSE this is impractical – guests come and go, doors have to be left open, there is the risk of dishonest staff. This is proven by a large amount of guest house claims for theft not being able to demonstrate forcible and violent entry.

Having the correct guest house insurance means there is no requirement that there be forcible and violent entry to a premises used as a B&B or GUEST HOUSE. This can differ from self catering or holiday homes at which there is no owner or manager, where the risk is different, and forcible and violent entry needs to be proven. Forcible and violent entry requirements could be in place for premises such as conference centres situated some distance from the main building, but this is subject to underwriting.

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