All Risks Cover

All risks represents an important part of your insurance cover – it is an often overlooked area and its only in the event of a claim that the insured realises what a profound impact it can have on your wallet if this section is not insured.

Under the contents section of one’s policy there is cover for the items you have inside your home, but what happens once you leave the sanctuary of your home? What happens if your personal belongings are stolen on the way to the office?

The All risks section covers your personal items worldwide; therefore the minute you leave your home you need to have this cover in place to ensure that you will not sustain such a huge loss.

Some companies automatically provide basic cover for items that are lost, damaged or stolen when you are away from home, however it is best to ensure you have this cover. In addition it is common for insurance policies to limit the amount you can claim for one particular item, should you not have the items specifically insured.

All risks cover provides two options of cover for your items, a general section where you insure items that you would carry on your person at all times, and a specified section where you insure items specifically such as cameras, jewellery etc.

It is important to check that the level of cover in place adequately covers items such as jewellery, cameras, computers, video equipment and other valuable personal or business property.

Incompass takes care to ensure we properly consult with our clients as to their requirements, looking at all the items that could /should be insured under all risks cover. We realise that in a perfect world we would all insure ourselves against every possible event – but in reality this has to be weighed up against costs and affordability.

We will be able to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision and help you to avoid claims situations that do not meet your expectations.

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