Guest House Insurance – Is Your Guest House Really Covered?

Guest house insurance can seem complex and confusing; it’s not a simply case of making sure you have your normal building and contents insurance in place, or even for that fact public liability cover.

A guest house is a temporary home for the guest and along with this comes a great deal of responsibility and therefore for the owner, there are many aspects to consider when arranging their insurance:

  • Legal costs of having to defend against claim
  • Bilking – a guest not paying their bill
  • Loss of income
  • Discounts available to guest houses and how to qualify for them
  • Death of a key member for example in a husband and wife run operation
  • Use of guest disclaimers
  • Passenger liability
  • Failure of essential cover
  • Public liability
  • Theft by an employee
  • Forced and violent entry restrictions
  • Guest effects cover
  • Accidental damage to certain items

It is highly unlikely that a guest house would have the proper cover to provide themselves with the adequate insurance and understanding of the above items, unless a specific GUEST HOUSE insurance policy is affected.

If you have concerns about whether your guest house insurance cover is adequate, Incompass would be delighted to discuss your insurance needs and provide you with a free quotation based upon your specific circumstances.

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