Guest House Insurance – Guest Effects

Guest house owners need to be aware of the impact of the loss of guest effects and their liability in the event of guest effects being stolen form their establishment.

Guest Effects is an important part of your guest house insurance. It has been upheld in South African law that should a guest have goods stolen at an establishment, “innkeepers” are responsible in the absence of gross negligence (on the part of the guest) or “vis major” for loss of or damage to goods/movable items received by them without proof that they were negligent in any manner.

Guest Effects Cover (Liability)

In every case, negligence must be proved against the GUEST HOUSE owner and the claim by the guest substantiated.

Guest Effects Cover (Contents)

Guest effects contents cover provides the uninsured personal effects of a paying guest up to a specified amount. This cover may extend goods contained in the guest’s motor vehicle subject to goods in a motor vehicle being concealed in a locked boot or in a storage compartment forming part of a locked vehicle.

Guest Effects Cover (Non Paying Guests)

This covers guests who are non-paying guests temporarily residing with the insured if their uninsured household goods and personal effects (excluding money and negotiable instruments) are lost or damaged by a defined event.

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