Guest House Insurance – Cover Against Bilking

For those not familiar with the expression, bilking is when the client leaves your guest house without paying for their stay or extras they incurred during their stay.

Even guest houses that take payment up front still run a risk, and for the many who receive the full payment (minus any deposit) on their guest’s departure it can be a major risk resulting in the loss of many thousands of rands.

Whilst we all like to believe that people are generally honest, it is unfortunately a fact of life that some people are dishonest and will take advantage of situations to be dishonest and avoid payment.

Having the correct guest house insurance in place will not make guests pay but it will however provide you with insurance cover in the event that you experience such an unfortunate event.

If you have concerns about whether your guest house insurance cover is adequate, Incompass would be delighted to discuss your insurance needs and provide you with a free quotation based upon your specific circumstances.

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