Guest House Insurance Claims – A Smooth Process

In the unfortunate event that your GUEST HOUSE needs to make an insurance claim you rightly deserve and need the support of your GUEST HOUSE insurance broker.

At a time when your focus may need to be on ensuring you can keep your GUEST HOUSE open, carry out repairs or replace equipment the very last you need to experience is a complex and unsatisfactory claims process.

Ensuring claims are processed smoothly and effectively means:

  • Getting the correct cover in the first place
  • Having a comprehensive service level agreement in place
  • Responding in good time and knowledgably
  • Understanding the GUEST HOUSE industry and its specific requirements
  • Dedicated staff to assist clients
  • Good relations with insurers

At Incompass we believe this is the most important part of the ongoing support we provide our GUEST HOUSES. Put simply we are part of the solution and not the problem when it come to unforeseen and unwelcome events.

Below is some feedback from clients we have assisted when they have had to claim:

We have always had a deep distrust of Insurance Companies having had some bad experiences. However Incompass, and through them B&BSure, have changed that perception in the sympathetic and professional way they handled a tricky claim shortly after we joined them. That was four years ago and we are delighted to report that we have had no further claims, yet they continually keep us informed of new developments, send us birthday wishes and always know who we are if we contact them. We are happy to give them our full recommendation.
Crispian and Elizabeth Trace. ‘Goede Hoop’ and ‘Amaluti’ Self Catering Guest Houses.

Thanks to you all.


I have recently changed my insurance to deal with Incompass Insurance Services, shortly after insuring with them, I have needed to make two claims. Both have been efficiently met. I can recommend their services!


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